In the past months, we finished 8 sessions for this project in Princess Margaret Secondary School and Fraser Heights area. The topics were about housing, family relationship and education. Each session had a unique topic,but those topics were logically relative and matched our project content — dealing with housing issues correctly. For young people, which was a better choice, renting an apartment, investing a property or living with parents? In the course of discussing and experience sharing, we found it was important to maintain a good relationship with parents and family. So we added the topic of family relationship and education in our project. In order to introduce the right skill and knowledge to our participants, we invited Daniel PREC* Real- Estate Team and SPIRITUAL WEALTH CLUB to support our project. In fact, these topics were so popular that a lot of young people and parents came to the sessions. They learned knowledge , talked about their concerns and shared their experience each other. By these program, I got to know more people, felt more comfortable with our community and the sense of belonging was increased a lot. So did all participants.

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Neighbourhood Small Grants

We believe the best people to effect change in a community are the ones within it. And when we can make money less of an issue in doing so, it allows so many more kinds of ideas to shine.

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