Art is something that I love. Upon learning about Neighborhood Small Grants, I had a stroke of inspiration. I want to host an art workshop and share my passion and skills with others! My idea was to teach tweens about the benefits and risks of using resin. I spent a few months researching and learning how to use the medium myself, and then I started to plan my workshop. I used some of the creations I made as a promotion for the workshop, and on the 31st of August, my workshop was hosted.

There are six participants aged from 10 to 14 who attended. First, I start by informing participants about the possible risks of working resin, as well as a demonstration of how to handle the medium safely with protective gear and proper ventilation. With the grant, each participant got their own set of materials. I provided participants with some ideas to start with then let them create their own pieces of art.
It was my first time hosting a workshop, and it was a very enjoyable experience. I got to share my skills with others; meanwhile, we all made some new friends. All participants had a great time, and some even wanted to stay longer to make more art! I will definitely do it again! Thank you for approving my project!

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