We re-established a functioning honeybee hive in our neighbourhood. It was very successful. Throughout the summer, we all watched honeybees in our gardens and witnessed them bringing back pollen to the hive.
As the bee population grew, anybody in the neighbourhood could stop by and watch the activity.
We connected with the Dunbar Bee Association to learn more about hive maintenance. During this visit, we learned about our varroa mite problem/infestation and set about helping the bees fend off the mites and treat the hive.
At the end of the summer, we harvested 10L of honey to share.
It was helpful for us to connect with an established beekeeping group as we are still learning skills. There is a difference between having bees and “keeping” bees. The second requires more work to care for the success of the hive.

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Neighbourhood Small Grants

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