The following list of resources was created for Facilitators of an NSG Orientation with the resources they need to successfully plan, facilitate, and evaluate the event.

NSG Orientation Agenda Template

This template is a suggested agenda for an NSG Orientation event, based on a day and a half workshop.

Download Agenda Template (Word)

Orientation Facilitator’s Notes Template

This document provides a template to customize and use to guide the content of the session. It includes speaking notes, interactive activities (often with multiple options to choose from) and lists the corresponding PowerPoint slides and Toolkit documents that go with each section.

Download Notes Template (Word)

Orientation Facilitator’s Notes Template

Click on the links below to download each PowerPoint presentation template.

Section 1 PowerPoint – Program Overview (PPT)

This PowerPoint provides an overview of the program and its background, including definitions, the history of NSG, Asset-Based Community Development, Grassroots Grantmaking, the Principles of Grassroots Grantmaking and so on.

Section 2 PowerPoint – Recruiting and Orienting the NGC and Promotions (PPT) 

This PowerPoint includes information on recruiting and orienting the Neighbourhood Granting Committee (NGC) and promoting the grants.

Section 3 PowerPoint – Granting Decisions, Applicant/Project Leader Support, Evaluation and Wrap-Up (PPT)

This PowerPoint includes information on making granting decisions, orienting and supporting applicants and Project Leaders, wrapping up a granting cycle and evaluating an NSG program.

Sample NSG Applications Template with Teaching Notes

During the Orientation, you will ask participants to simulate an NSG granting decision-making meeting, using sample applications provided as a handout, all based on real past applications received in the program. This template includes teaching notes, so that you can ensure that the group has noticed the most important questions, concerns and strengths related to each sample application. One without teaching notes is available in the Handouts and Resources section to provide to the participants.

Download Template and Notes (Word)

NSG Orientation Participant Feedback Form Template

This template can be adapted to create a feedback form for participants at an NSG Orientation.

Download Feedback Form Template (Word)

NSG Orientation Organizers’ Debriefing Template

This document is a template for the organizers of an NSG Orientation to use to debrief after the workshop has taken place. It can be customized to capture successes, learnings and what you hope to add, change or address at future orientations.

Download Debriefing Template (Word)