East First and St Davids, North Vancouver
August 23 2014

Our Fourth Annual Block/Street Party

This year we added a fabulous band, Gish!  We moved it a little later and still had an amazing BBQ, lot of food at our community potluck table and a blast all night long!

Clark Park on 15th Avenue and Fleming Street
September 6 2014

Come join us for a potluck on Saturday from 4-8 pm. Bring something to share . Also its time to share your inner circus talents. Juggling, flame throwing ,sword swallowing or able to ride a unicycle  ??  Show us. Lots of old school games for the kids and prizes .

MTP neighbourhood house
August 31 2014

Tomorrow [2014-08-31] i'm going to spend some colourful hours with  my friends and neighbours.Because i'm going to do face painting.I want to share my colourful thoughts by painting everyones face.My project is free for everyone and i'll be providing some free snacks and drinks.So its like a gift from me to my neighbours.

August 25 2014

I haven't done this kind of project before so this is going to be  my first project.My project is for sharing my culture,metting my neighbours,making new friends and all.I'm going to do face painting. This is gonna be a free workshop for everyone  and i'll be providing free snacks so it's like a gift form me to my neighbours.I'm very exited and happy that i'll be doing such a project for my neighbourhood.

St. Mark's, 1805 Larch Street, Vancouver
September 13 2014

Canning and pickling are easy, but the process requires lots of space and a little patience. So join us -- Lisa and Chloë -- at a big commercial kitchen in Kitsilano to pickle some vegetables and can fresh fruit on Saturday September 13, 2014 from noon-8pm.

Want to attend? Let us know here. Kitchen space is limited!

October 6 2014

Join us for our third book presentation Monday, October the 6th @ 7 PM in Kitsilano.

Our guest author for this meeting is Daniel Kalla . We will discuss his novel "The far side of the sky" and we will have the chance to ask him how he manages to be a doctor, a writer and a family man.

About the book:

Queensborough Community Centre, Hume Park, Moody Park, Grimston Park, Ryall Park, Summer Block Party at Salvation Army
June 22 2014 to August 16 2014

Started with Queensborough Children's Festival on June 22 at the Queensborough Community Centre, I planned and hosted 6 reading flash mobs events throughout the summer. We visited Ryall park, Moody Park, Grimston Park, Hume Park, and the last event we partnered with Summer Block Party ( to bring the whole community together.

Lower Hume Park
June 27 2014

For promoting my project, I designed a poster and had posters up in Judy Darcy's office, BC housing seniors house, Royal City Centre and Seniors Services Society. On Friday June 27, I rented out the picnic shelter in Lower Hume Park and invited all the seniors in New Westminster to come for BBQ and Bingo in the park. We provided free hotdogs, burgers, salads, fruits, coffee teas and water for everyone. We also had MLA Judy Darcy sponsored us with a cake.

Connaught Heights Park, New Westminster
August 11 2014 to August 19 2014

What a wonderful 8 days in our neighbourhood! We began our project Monday, with kids from ages 3-18 years making painted butterflies with mini-flashlight tails, to be used as decorations in our final performance. Classical Indian dance moves were taught to the group next by local teen dancers Simran and Rachelle. All the teens were wonderful mentors to the younger fry all week. The last hour of each day was reserved for rehearsals of the edited script of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

June 14 2014 to August 23 2014
With a separate small grant from the one received for the spring garden cleanup, volunteers from DIGS (the Downtown Intercultural Gardeners' Society) have hosted a series of summer socials over June, July, and August. The socials are held in the garden, are potluck style, and sometimes include special workshops such as one on bee-keeping. What a great way to build community!