Give New Live to Children's Stuff

We advertised our program mouth by mouth, as well as created a WeChat Group. In the WeChat Group, people brought their used but good quality stuffs (which means they still have their life and they are still useful.) togather to do exchange. As living support costs index increasing, more and more families which have little kids hardly to keep buying brand new toys and cloths for their children. On the other hand, as their kids growing up, these families have to clean-up lots of toys and cloths. Those
toys and cloths with good conditions are really can reuse at new homes. Even parents who have good income and can afford to buy new toys and cloths for their kids, they can donate their used stuff to benefit other families who needs them and also can reduce generating garbage.
We will set-up an big exchange events to let people bring their good condition used toys and cloths exchange with something they need from other families. at the same time We hosted a Party and Picnic event to let more people know us and get benefits from this program.