----NOV 10th 2019---10:00am- GNH

We started with researching the Long & Fascinating Indigo story!
The History of Indigo Dye.
How the technique has been developed & used around the world in various dying/ and stitching techniques.

We visited MAIWA on Granville Island several times not just for supplies .
They were super helpful in helping us out with the technicalities of the dying process. We looked at lots of samples of Dyeing techniques including folding tying & dipping techniques....lots & lots of various results.

We then ran a"test run" making sure that on the day of the workshop there would be success. (We wanted to make mistakes on our own time). We had issues with outdoor temperatures (too cold) but were generally happy with the results.

On the Day we arrived early with the Buckets of Dye , material, charcuterie & coffee.

We wanted the event to be a FUN & CREATIVE event. With the goal of feeling that we could take the process perhaps further next time by using some of the more "advanced" techniques that were demonstrated in some of the material.
Getting our hands wet (& blue ) literally even with gloves)

Attendees were West Enders. Some were Friends, but many were from different social groups & connections.

Everybody left with the feeling that they had tried something new. They ALL Learned an ancient textile dye process
& hopefully inspired them to try it again! They also had a BEAUTIFUL SCARF that they personally dyed from their chosen technique.
The event gave attendees the opportunity to inject some creativity into their other wise predictable Sunday Morning in November.