Rosedale Gardens Initiative

Downtown Vancouver

The Rosedale Gardening Initiative was begun to encourage neighbours in our high-rise vertical condo building to meet each other and come together on a mutual project.
Welcoming flyers were posted in the lobby & elevators and in response, ten residents joined the initiative. A local gardening expert led a balcony container gardening workshop and generously donated starter plants and seeds. Throughout the year, attendees shared plants and tips with each other. The building managers have been key supporters and helped beautify the front entry stoop & lobby with floral plants and displays. Residents have helped weed the community garden and started bokashi composting for enriching the soil.
A highlight event was an autumn community potluck encouraging neighbours to share their favourite foods. Two dozen residents attended a fun evening of meeting new faces strengthening community in the building.
The main challenge has been restricted access to the common gardens due to ongoing renovations on the second floor. But on the positive side, this rooftop area already has plenty of planter containers plus a hose connection for watering, so there was no need to procure or buy those materials.
Plans for next season will be to book a Victory Gardens consultation to assess the plants already growing in the plots. A focus will be on selecting ones that are suitable with the available space, sunlight, moisture and wind conditions and how to optimize the harvest yield for herbs that deter rodents. Clay pots will be sourced and placed within the pots for irrigation and maintain a natural way to reduce evaporation and runoff.
This ongoing project is on point for a number of Greenest City Action targets: growing and eating local food using existing open space on common property; improving access to nature and creating green spaces for enjoyment by residents and visitors; creating zero waste by composting; and reducing greenhouse gases by sourcing used and recycled materials.