July 28 2019
Fraser River Place Housing Coop

Fraser River Place Housing Coop
Small Library Opening July 28- 2pm
You are invited to the opening of our Small Free Library, Take a Book - Leave a Book, the same date of our programmed BBQ. Children and adults, let’s celebrate coming together and share fruits, snacks, drinks, BBQ and the opening of our Small Free Library for children.

June 28 2019 to July 11 2019
New Westminster

Are you a dog living in Downttown New West? Bring your owners we would love to meet them!

June 29 2019
Moody Park

Food and fun, bring your family and make new friends

June 23 2019
Location was changed due to the rain.

A group of seniors were invited with their families to share a meal, they were also invited to introduce each member of their family unit, what they do, where they come from and they favourite things they enjoy doing! It is a moment to feel proud, a moment to connect and create so much potential for growth in so many aspects After introductions, really fun games were organized and food was served! Everyone was feeling included and wanted to participate. More opportunities to connect and make friends to come!

June 27 2019 to July 11 2019
Royal City Mall

Community Cooking classes for immigrant woman