July 13 2018
Ralph Fisher Auditorium

For our project a group of Richmond community members who have lived experiences facing poverty, housing instability and homelessness worked to together to creatively express their stories.

June 29 2018 to July 9 2018

Ken Wilkinson" I couldn't believe how well behaved all the dogs were together!"

Some new rescue dogs from Tehran got to meet everyone and some visitors from China were amazed at a community BBQ.

July 8 2018
4099 No 4 Rd Garden

We had decent turn out of people including our nextdoor neighbor , as almost all the food were gone! It was great to get to know all the neighbors, and share food and activities to do.

Thank you to Starbucks at Gardencity for donating a huge jug of coffee for us , as well as cups! Thank you to all of the volunteers, council members of 4099 no 4 rd who helped out to make the event successful and possible.

July 5 2018
Columbia Street, Between 10th and 11th

On June 17th, 2018 we had a very successful neighbourhood block party to mingle and get to know our neighbours. We were able to put on a stress free event with a strong team of 7 core volunteers and a whole lot of love and dedication. It’s amazing how a small group of like minded people can succeed when they put their minds to it, and we did just that.

July 3 2018
Macdonald Park

Lot's of cultures have times in the day where they meet neighbours and friends over tea or coffee to share about what is going on in their lives. We wanted to imitate the german Kaffee und Kuchen (Coffee and Cake) and have various pastries and drinks to gather people together. We ended up also bringing a smoothie making bike and games/bubbles/chalk to make it fun for kids as well. We hoped that there would be something for everyone. It ended up going a lot better than we anticipated. Even though it was an overcast (and slightly rainy at times) day, a lot of people came out.