Neighbourhood Small Grants’ 2020 evaluation report highlights what we learned in the year with Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants and brings to the surface how we can continue to support building stronger and better connections within our communities.

2020 was a year of change and transition for everyone and it was also the year when Neighbourhood Small Grants became a BC-wide program and divided into eight regions in the province.

As communities wrestled with the impact of COVID-19, NSG responded to do what it does best: to create connections between neighbours and communities and address social isolation in creative ways.

Cover of the NSG 2020 Evaluation Report. I'm not quite sure what it's an image of. Colourful oblong drawings, possibly on a road.

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We shifted the program’s structure to ensure that projects could continue while following changing restrictions. Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants (R-NSG) ensured that we could respond to these changes and the unique challenges that COVID-19 surfaced for everyone.

Some highlights from this year’s report:

  • In 2020, the program granted more than $633,000 out to 1408 projects across the province
  • Project Leaders took it upon themselves to shift their ideas to ensure things continued forward despite changing provincial health orders. Projects took place both in-person and online.
  • We saw a big increase in projects that handed out supplies to people and many projects related to health and wellness. (p.23).
  • We’ve included many stories to highlight how each project type came to life in the community. You can also read all these stories on Storymap.
  • Each of the eight regions R-NSG was active in this year has a unique report within the evaluation report. Go to p.48 to learn more about how R-NSG took shape in each region.
  • The new and modified ways of delivering NSG and organizing community will continue to be integrated to create a stronger and resilient community.
  • The report also contains two infographics, based on recommendations from project leaders, on:

A special thank you to Zoe Howell & Courtney Stover for all the hard work in creating this report. We truly appreciate the level of intentionality and care you have placed in creating this!

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