We are excited to announce the LAUNCH of the Y-NSG! The Y-NSG Pilot offers grants up to $500 to youth (ages 12-24) living in Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Surrey/White Rock/Cloverdale, Richmond & Vancouver). Anyone with an idea can apply, no experience necessary!

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Owl Channel Creations

Richard and Laurel Cronk put together a wonderful NSG project in Campbell River which they share in this video: https://vimeo.com/602873916/489dec83e8

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Salute to the Sun

I perform The Salute to the Sun Yoga routine every day. As a person with auto-immune disorders (Lupus & Fibromyalgia) I find the complete full body stretch and movement indispensable....

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Lost Lagoon Book Club

I ran a series of book clubs based on Betsy Warland’s “Lost Lagoon/Lost in Thought.” We met beneath the cherry blossom trees between the tennis courts and Pooh Corner daycare,...

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Game Time / A Bucket Full of Games

The Government of Canada says that school-aged children should do 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Sadly, many after-school programs and extra-curricular activities stopped running during the COVID-19 Pandemic....

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Compost Styrofoam? Yes you can!

Inspired by a podcast of Future Ecologies (S. 3 E. 3) and the never-ending polystyrene lining local beaches, I put together a small-scale mealworm polystyrene compost display. This display was...

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Creative Community

My project was to involve our community's kids to create art projects to beautify our indoor and outdoor spaces. Since it was a pandemic year, we were not able to...

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At the TEDxBowenIsland event there were 5 speakers and a total of 17 audience members. There were also 5 voulenteers, who helped with the overall running of the event. So...

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