Completed on Nov. 23rd. all 8 sessions of our program went very well as planned. About 180 people (including kids and their parents) from our community have benefited from our project. We got a lot of great feedbacks from our participants.
A group of Chinese-Canadian mommies created a full Chinese (Mandarin) environment for children of age 3 to 5, with singing, reading, playing and socializing etc. With the support of Family Place and the grant from Vancouver Foundation we were able to have a space and provide children participants with the necessary teaching and learning tools and materials, and small snacks during all sessions. We carried out a fun learning experience for kids and their parents.

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Neighbourhood Small Grants

We believe the best people to effect change in a community are the ones within it. And when we can make money less of an issue in doing so, it allows so many more kinds of ideas to shine.

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