We held a Garden Party at which we announced upcoming garden projects & the need for folks to volunteer their help.
We did get an enthusiastic response & all of our projects were completed through community teamwork.
A new path was laid by our team . After leveling the ground we added sand and then laid concrete pavers to create a permanent replacement for the formerly muddy path. Good job !
Our Yew Hedge which surrounds the garden was neatly clipped & we now have a permanent volunteer to co-ordinate future helpers with hedge maintenance.
New soil was added to improve soil quality & some round concrete pavers added to create access paths for plant maintenance in these garden beds. All successfully completed by group effort – very satisfying !

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Neighbourhood Small Grants

We believe the best people to effect change in a community are the ones within it. And when we can make money less of an issue in doing so, it allows so many more kinds of ideas to shine.

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