The NSG enabled us acquire and build our outreach space at the Dunbar Community Centre Apiary. Through equipment purchases along with veils, gloves and an observation hive, we were able to attend Salmonberry days and put on several workshops about honeybees and native pollinators for the surrounding communities.
At the Intro to Sustainable Beekeeping Workshop, we had 18 attendees including 3 children. The attendees were from a variety of backgrounds including current and past beekeepers and just interested members of the public. Julia Commons, Master Beekeeper from Hives for Humanity, was with us to describe in detail the lives of the honeybee and how we can support this amazing insect through sustainable beekeeping. We were show participants how to do a hive inspection and to identify possible problems and successes of a hive. Participants were able to identify the queen bee and see all the major life stages of the honeybee. We had some great questions from adults and kids alike.
The tools and veils purchased with NSG funds will be in use for our weekly inspections. The demonstration hive will be an asset to our club for all future educational outreach events.

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Neighbourhood Small Grants

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