On August 20th, we hosted our annual neighbourhood BBQ in the Pendlebury Park townhouses on Williams Rd. A decent-sized crowd of 30 people gathered to chat and laugh. While a few kids have grown up and flew the chicken’s nest, a new batch of children and grandchildren joined the festivities this year. The day started with power-washing of the townhouse playground, mail area and bench areas. As everyone gathered in our customary camping circle, they were presented a selection of burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, chips, dessert, and drinks.

In an effort to support the city’s recycling efforts, attendees were provided with new indoor compost bins, blue recycling bags and the latest pamphlets to educate others on recyclable items. New laminated posters were posted in the common recycling area as well.

As the evening wore on and people finished their meals, there was a gentle buzz of music along with kids running around and yelling only to be punctuated by groups of adult laughter as everyone caught up on each others’ lives. Thank you to NSG for the funding and special acknowledgement to Chris, Matt, Vincent and Wil for co-organizing this year’s event.

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