This Module includes a guide to the online Grant Management System (GMS), which is used to manage applications both when they are in-progress and when they are submitted. It is where the Neighbourhood Grants Committee (NGC) and Coordinator can enter comments about each application if they choose and where final decisions and grant amounts are entered. The GMS is also capable of other functions such as downloading application information into an Excel database and creating reports on grant statistics, including demographic data about the applicants.

4.1 Guide to NSG Applications

This PDF contains all the guides and foundational information you need to manage NSG applications, including using the online Grant Management System.

Download Module 4 Guides (pdf)

4.2 Coordinators Guide to the Online Application System

Click on the link below to download the resource on how to use the online Grant Management System (GMS).

This document is a step by step guide to GMS and its various functions.

Download Coordinators Guide to the Online Application System (pdf)

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