This project was originally envisioned to be a variety show featuring local performers who would have the opportunity to entertain and provide information about the different arts available within our own community and maybe inspire more people to become involved. When I didn’t get a huge amount of interest from performers in the Fall, I decided to cancel. This was disappointing at first, but it forced me to re-evaluate my goals in hosting an event like this. I realized the main thing was for people to get together and enjoy themselves. The benefits of dancing are well known and I engaged the services of a local DJ and the ball was set in motion once again. Once the event promo was underway, I began to receive some interest from performers and so we morphed again to include them. I was worried a little that we were trying to please “everyone” by having music ranging from country to rock to folk to dance. We also had refreshments available, numerous door prizes ranging from best dressed to youngest person, and a couple social mixing games as well as a dance class. But I think that we created something special and unique in the community and over 50 adventurous people came out with so much enthusiasm and appreciation. Our dance went beyond the planned end time simply because we were all having so much fun.
This project brought people together first of all, by organizing it with a team of volunteers and inviting local business sponsors. We had a wide variety of attendees, many of whom were not known to each other and a variety of backgrounds. Finally, the foodstuffs that remained can be donated to other local non-profits and thereby extending our reach. There were many enquiries about when we would have the next one so I think we have created some momentum and would have more people come out next time.
Thank you Neighbourhood Small Grants.
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