On Sunday, August 19th, the 16 Oaks Community Garden held a neighbourhood celebration to honour 10 years on privately owned land on the corner of 16th and Oak in Vancouver.
We feel honoured and grateful to have been allowed to grow our own vegetables and flowers, and to make the corner beautiful, and a gathering spot, for the last ten years on land that is privately owned. It was decided that we would celebrate by hosting a neighbourhood party with food, beverages and a play area for children. We had a former chief of the Musqueam people, Gail Sparrow, come and speak to us about land and history. We had music too, generously and beautifully provided by a garden member.
We ate a lot of delicious food, and a gorgeous cake, courtesy of Max’s Deli, who generously provided a cake to us at a significant discount.
Aside from the smoke, it was a wonderful day.

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