On behalf of Ruth Ang and Ambrosio Baria who initiated the request for a small grant from Vancouver Foundation, we at Breakthrough Church would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the support from Neighbourhood Small Grants—the success of our annual event would not be possible without sponsors such as you.
The neighborhood of 41st and Nanaimo had yet another amazing Canada Day celebration, with nearly 600 attendees! In the past, we’ve had an average of 500 people grace us with their presence—comprising of both volunteers and neighborhood guests. And while our guests come from a variety of backgrounds and ages, each with a colorful story to tell, the majority of our guests were young, east and southeast Asian families; usually mothers (ranging from 25-40 years old) and their children (ranging from 2 to 15 years old).
Our activities this year was designed to be open and inviting to all ages and people. As usual, we had live performances from both young and old, who enjoy sharing their musical talents and dance abilities. We also included games on stage for the brave hearts, willing to engage in some healthy competition. One crowd favorite was our pie eating contest, where adults and children raced to finish a whole pie, head to head! Other activities we had available to the community were face painting stations, a bounce house, and a cotton candy booth. Around 12:30 pm, we offered the attendees free lunch—which included hot dogs, chips, pop, and cake!
Something that this year’s Canada Day Neighborhood Celebration apart from previous years is not just the increase in guests, but that we are becoming increasingly familiar with the guests who visit us every year; It is a joy to see community members on a much more personal level. And it is even more heartwarming to hear from guests how they recognize our church as part of the community.
We hope that in the following celebrations and activities to come, that our neighbors on 41st and Nanaimo continue to join us with the same excitement we observe on our annual Canada Day parties.
Genievieve Basit (Breakthrough Church)

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