In 2015, we had only 2 kids in our neighbourhood trick or treat at our door. I decided to go on a mission to bring the kids back into our (their) neighbourhood by hosting a party on our street.
This year, with the help of the grant, we were able to purchase a tent, hot coffee maker, fireworks and snacks which will be used in future years. This event took cars off the road and kept the kids safe and within their neighbourhood. We had 29 kids trick or treat, almost all of them live in a 6 block radius, and at least 50 – 60 neighbours on our street for the party.
We had posters up acknowledging the Vancouver Foundation and Neighbourhood Small grants, as well posted on social media to recognize where our funding came from.
This event gave our neighbours a chance to meet and talk and see the kids. I believe this has directly created a more cohesive, connected community of people.
Thank you so much,
Jennifer Folkersen

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