The event was a great party for neighbours living in the complex to see each other, to say hello and to share experience. We even met the neighbour who was the first family moving in this complex. It was really a good experience for this summer of 2018.
As one of the council member, I raised the idea of using the small grant to host a party for the neighbours, in the council meeting, and all other memembers fully supported it. Shortly we had a small head office to run this project, and volunteers started to brainstorm ideas about where, how and what. We decided to host the event in the meeting room of the complext, and distribute the flyers with council meeting minutes. And decided to buy food from Costco, PizzaHut, as well as the party utilities such as napkins, plates and folks, etc.
Volunteers prepared few days to complete purchasing and preparing food. On Aug 18, we succussfully hosted the event, and attraced more than 50% of the tenants joining with us. It was a great event!

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