Our Community Movie night was a huge success! So Huge!!!
We had just over 100 people from our close neighbors, surrounding neighborhoods in Vernon, aswel as invited BMX Clubs members.
We had everything for FREE!!! It was amazing!!
Entrance into Ranger Park, the movie, Chilli and a bun with a drink, bottomless popcorn, cotton candy, water and free draw prizes.
No body paid for anything! It was truly a gift and all the families couldn’t believe it.
They were all so appreciative and when we kept handing out more things, they were astonished that they didn’t have to pay anything.
One Dad said to me, “For me to take my family out for dinner and a movie these days is a luxury we just cant afford.  Then to be offered popcorn and cottoncandy is a super bonus.  Thank you so much!”
We borrowed the screen from Armstrong Regional Co-op, and it contained a whole package for the movie. Projector, speakers, the huge screen, everything. It would have cost us over $1000 to rent.
I wouldn’t change a thing!! Even the weather was great!
With all the receipts for EVERYTHING, (including two popcorn makers) the event cost $515.
This community event was a hit and I wish I had of called the news paper to the event as well.
The neighbors surrounding the park were invited and appreciative. The Park is some times noisy and this was a way to give back to them.
I appreciate immensely the opportunity to make a small step in creating a better community for all families!
Project Leader: Shylo

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