June 19 to 23 event 5-day live training:
5-day Lunch & Learn training about income generation for artists and silk painters
How did your project go? I’m very satisfier with the outcome of getting 13 participants registered
What successes did you see? The success was the show up to the 5 live sessions on Zoom.
What challenges did you face, and how did you solve them? The challenge was the evacuation due to fires fire, and I solved it by rescheduling the event and leaving it to be online only as we remained on evacuation alert.
Who helps you? I use digital tools to complete the delivery and promotion.
Who participated, and what did you learn from organizing your project? The participants were from my local network, plus international registrars who were partially in different time zones and opted to watch the recorded session. I learn to consider the different time zones in my online events.

Training Topics:

Selling Originals: Unleash the Market Potential of Your Unique Creations
Discover effective marketing strategies to promote and sell your original silk creations
Learn how to price your artwork to maximize profitability
Gain insights into building a strong brand that attracts buyers and collectors
Reproductions: Scale Your Art Business with High-Quality Printed Products
Explore the world of reproductions and understand their importance in expanding your reach
Learn techniques to create exceptional quality printed products from your art or your silk paintings
Identify lucrative avenues to sell and distribute your printed products to a wider audience
Skills as Income: Teaching and Sharing Your Expertise
Harness the power of teaching your skill in art or silk painting as a source of income
Learn how to develop and deliver engaging workshops and courses
Discover strategies to position yourself as an authority in the silk painting community
Multiple Streams of Income: Diversify Your Artistic Revenue
Explore the concept of multiple income streams and their benefits for artists
Discover passive income opportunities such as licensing and collaborations
Gain insights into creating a sustainable and resilient art business model
Q&A get answers to your questions
Unlock your full artistic potential and gain the knowledge necessary to build a successful income stream from your silk painting passion. This workshop provides a supportive and immersive learning environment, allowing you to receive personalized guidance and valuable insights directly from our expert instructor.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, connect, and take your silk painting career to new heights!
Mila Lansdowne

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