The Fourth Annual 500 Fader Street Block Party was held on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016, with neighbours from the 500 blocks of Columbia, Kelly, Garrett and Wilson Streets attending. The party started at noon with the bbq ready to serve the first hot dogs. At 1:00 p.m. the official opening was held with two pipers leading the Bubble Parade. The NW Firefighters arrived soon after with their truck. Kids of all ages got to have a good look at the truck and the firefighters challenged the neighbours to a quick game of hockey. We were pleased to have the Pacific Assistance Dog Society attend again and bring several puppies in training. A member of the NW Police Department brought the department’s Hummer. He explained how the department acquired the Hummer and how they use it now.
The Real Canadian Rock Band played for the last two hours of the party. We are so fortunate to have them play for us each year. They really rock the neighbourhood. Well over 100 people were in attendance to enjoy hot dogs, appetizers, desserts, pop, coffee, play cards, hockey or pingpong. It was a great afternoon for all those who attended.

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