Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grant
Project Summary
Title: 550 Residents’ Roof Party
Scheduled date: Friday, May 4, 2018 at 5:30 pm
Grant requested: $200 for food items
The idea: A rooftop social gathering to bring our condominium residents together, to meet neighbours, to build community within the building and to learn about the possibility of joining the Vancouver Police Department’s Block Watch program.
The actual events: By the scheduled date of May 4, we had not heard from Vancouver Foundation whether our grant request would be approved. So, we scaled down our event and proceeded a few days later than planned, so that Vancouver Police Constable Romi Mattu could attend. Later, after the grant had been approved, we held a second event. Here are the key details:
Thursday, May 10, we gathered on the roof with 17 residents for appetisers (which we supplied) and beverages (BYOB). We had almost an hour of social interaction (“Oh, are you new in the building? Which suite are you in?”), followed by an hour-long presentation by Constable Mattu on how to make 550 Beatty Street more secure. She also answered questions and led a discussion on the Block Watch program, which our building officially joined a few days later.
Friday, August 10, knowing that our Neighbourhood Small Grant had been approved, we held a second event on the roof, this time featuring appetisers, pizza, fruit and cookies. Again, participants brought their own beverages. This time, 16 residents joined the fun and we had a relaxed social time with lots of pizza, plus a brief update on the Block Watch program. It was good to watch the 10- and 20-year residents getting acquainted with some of the newer owners and renters. Interestingly, the newer people wanted to hear the stories of the building’s earlier years and tales of some of the characters who used to live here. The party was a social networking success and went on until dark, long after the planned ending time.
We believe that these events were highly successful in bringing neighbours together and helping create a more sociable environment in our building. It was useful, we believe, to have the Block Watch program as a point of focus and, of course, sharing food and beverages helped generate friendly conversation.
Attached are the invitations for these events. The second invitation made a point of identifying Vancouver Foundation as the source of the pizza funds. Our thanks to the Foundation for this support.
The actual costs: The first event was scaled down and only cost about $40 for appetisers. The second event, which included more food, cost almost $140. In total, we underspent the amount of our grant by $23.32. We will return that amount and provide receipts once we receive instructions on how to do that. Please advise.
Submitted August 14, 2018, by
Rob Goodell
Richard Wassersug
550 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2L3
All owners and renters at 550 Beatty are invited to a
Block Watch party and info session
Do you want to be part of a VPD Block Watch program at 550 Beatty?
Join your neighbours for an early evening social gathering to learn about it.
At 6 pm a Vancouver Police officer will lead a discussion and answer questions.
Thursday, May 10, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm
on the 550 rooftop
Bring your choice of beverage. Appetizers will be provided.
If it rains, we’ll meet in Suite 46 instead.
If you’re interested but can’t make the May 10 meeting, a make-up info session will be held at another site on Wednesday, June 6. Ask for details.
More info on the Block Watch program is available online at:
If you have questions, please contact either
Co-Captain: Rob Goodell Suite 46 604-684-5594
Co-Captain: Richard Wassersug Suite 710 604-563-9915
All owners and renters at 550 Beatty Street are invited to a…
Pizza Party on the Roof !
Friday, August 10, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm
on the 550 rooftop
Enjoy a relaxed summer evening with your neighbours! This is primarily a social event, but will include a 10-minute update on our BlockWatch program.
Pizza will be provided, thanks to a Neighbourhood Small Grant from Vancouver Foundation. Bring your choice of beverage.
Please RSVP to rgoodell@shaw.ca by Thursday for ordering pizza. Specify number of people and preference for meat or veggie pizza.

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