Thanks to a grant from the Responsive Neighbourhood Small Community Grant Program, we led a three part mini-series on Zoom, focused on the Body, Mind, Spirit/Soul. The sessions were part of a grass roots women’s initiative called the “North Island Goddess Movement,” which celebrates and empowers women from different backgrounds across Northern Vancouver Island. The workshops were some of the first Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants in the region after the onset of the pandemicMind-Part One happened on May 20th, 2020 with Tara Hope, registered Clinical Counsellor with Upper Island Counselling Services. Tara spoke with us about the importance of mental health during this current reality we find ourselves in.Body-Part Two was June 3rd with Karinna Jaramillo of Inward to Ithaka. Karinna shared some of the foundations of health, listening to your body speak and how to cultivate self-love, from the inside out. Soul-Part Three was on July 8th with Lillian Hunt, born and raised in the historic island village of Yalis (Alert Bay) on northeastern Vancouver Island. Her First Nation heritage is ‘Namgis & Ma’amtagila of the Kwa kwa ka’wakw Nation. Lillian spoke about resilience and the devastating effects the government restrictions had on her grandparents, parents and the resulting multigenerational trauma endured to this day.

“The Kwakwaka‘wakw of British Columbia have built a rich culture that reflects and acknowledges the riches in our natural environment. Our songs, stories, dances, and ceremonial objects honor the animals, rivers, cedar trees, salmon, and all those things that help to sustain the Kwakwaka‘wakw physically and spiritually.”

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