We have a Rotary Free Library at the front of place in Campbell River. The sidewalk and the library are both very well used daily, rain or shine. Pedestrian traffic comes from the Ken Forde House, Ecole Willow Point and Daycare, a 70 Unit apartment building & various businesses located nearby, & regular walkers from around the area. The Seniors complex is just around the corner from the library and about halfway to Willow Point Village.

Our idea was to create a simple haven and rest area in this space by placing a bench on cement pads just off the sidewalk adjacent to the library. Many people could benefit from having a rest area at this point near the Willow Point Village or to sit and enjoy the book they have chosen from the library. Our front yard is fully landscaped with flowers and shrubs and naturally draws people to slow down and look at it. The location of the bench has morning sun and is shaded in the afternoon by a large Japanese Maple tree. We’ve had positive feedback from various people:

• “It’s a great idea.”
• “My Mom rests here as it is about ½ way through her daily walk.”
• “I arrive 20 minutes before my work starts down the street and now I have somewhere to sit while I wait.”
• “I use the bench to sort through the books.”

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