I can say without hesitation that this is the one of the most successful events I’ve ever produced (in over 25 years of doing this kind of work). Although I will happily take whatever credit comes my way, I believe that the crux of our success lay in doing the right thing at the right time in the right place with -and for- the right people.
New Westminster is that very rare modern city that is also a true community. People come together, help one another out, and celebrate together in a way that seems the stuff of old nostalgic movies….and it’s genuine.
The event itself played out exactly as we envisioned it, with families, children, grandparents, community seniors, individuals and couples trickling in as the Farmer’s Market wound down; laying picnic blankets on the grass beneath the sparkly lights or the gathering tougher around picnic tables to eat their dinner together. Many people -children and adults- came in costume, which added a lovely otherworldly quality to the event as the sun went down and the twinkly lights and floral garlands set the scene.
People stayed right til 10 pm, and would have stayed longer if we’d kept the music going. But we honoured our promise to the neighbours to shut things down on time, and even then, dancers stayed behind to help us clear the site,
If I had to describe the evening in one word, it would be….
Thank you so much for providing the means to do this for our community, and for the entrusting us with this larger grant. We are so grateful, and we look forward to an opportunity to work with you again. We hop you enjoy the feedback we received (below) as much as we did.

Oh my gosh…..What a great turn out. I’m so happy for you. Didn’t hear any complaints either. Well done…I hope to work with you again. It is so nice when someone is so organized and communicates so well.
City of New Westminster.

Great idea to have an outdoor dance in Tippery Park Thank you for organizing
The girls have a blast tonight and have requested that there be a dance party in the park every night.
Jonathan Cote.

Thanks for organizing this. One of the things we love about New Westminster is the community
A community minded family.

1 of the reasons we love #NewWest? Amazing events.
The Stage New West.

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