Our project involved having raised and fully accessible garden beds custom-made for the residents of Kiwanis Village, Nanaimo! We have many residents who love to garden, and look forward to the Spring and Summer gardening season. We are also incredibly lucky to work with an amazing Horticultural Therapist, Bianca, who shares her passion and knowledge with all of us.

Bianca had the construction plans, and we partnered with students at VIU, as well as with a generous community member who worked to construct our garden beds – we got 5 new beds delivered this summer, thanks to the generosity of the Nanaimo Foundation.

Many of our residents have mobility aids and diversabilities when it comes to reaching and bending arms and legs – having these garden beds that wheelchairs and walkers fit in between makes planting, digging, watering and harvesting something all our residents can enjoy!

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