I’m thrilled to share my heartwarming experience with the Sustainable Light Living project, made possible by the incredible support from Neighbourhood Small Grants. As someone who has been an Accredited Jewelry Professional for over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless trends in fast fashion and accessories come and go. While I’ve always admired the creative designs that have contributed to our vibrant business and economy, I’ve often pondered how we can take sustainability to the next level by embracing the practice of swapping items with our neighbours. This simple yet powerful idea not only reduces waste but also strengthens the bonds of our close-knit community.

My heart brims with gratitude as I reflect on my inaugural Accessories Swap event, even amidst the rain, where over 10 wonderful individuals came together by asking registered neighbours to spread our word through their own network. Together, we perused the array of accessories we had brought, trying them on, sharing opinions, and forming new connections, all while indulging in the delightful refreshments we had prepared. We have also set up a charming photo booth, allowing everyone to capture beautiful moments with their “newly swapped” accessories. The twinkling smiles, the shared laughter, and the vibrant colours of our accessories combined to create a stunning collection of photographs that serve as a lasting testament to our shared experience. These snapshots not only showcase the beauty of our swapped treasures but also symbolize the joy and togetherness we found in our neighbourhood.

What’s remarkable is that this gathering extended far beyond the exchange of accessories; through casual conversations, we discovered more about each neighbour and decided to come together again for future activities. It’s a beautiful testament to the wonderful way in which we can foster and nurture our community.

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