All About Bees is our project to invite our neighbours to our backyard to learn more about honey bees and get involved in beekeeping. With the grant that we received we were able to obtain a new hive and some new beekeeping equipment.
This year was a success, our new hive that we got did very well, even producing honey in it’s first year. We had many visitors to our yard, some as young as 4 years old and everyone that visited was able to take part in tending to the bees.
In June we were able to collect a bee swarm that landed on one of the trees on our boulevard so that was a great way for many of our neighbours to see what the bees do when a hive splits and to explain the process.
All of our hives made it through the summer and fall and are doing good so far this winter, let’s hope they make it through until the spring for another year of pollinating and making honey.

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