This Canada Day, the residents of Anarchist Mountain wanted to show off their community just 15 kilometers east of Osoyoos. Our theme “Life on the Mountain” was meant to encourage folks to learn more about who we are. Our outfits included a bird watcher, a photographer, a wildflower lady, a cyclist, a baby owl and her family, a moose and a Sasquatch.There are new people moving into the area and it also gave them an opportunity to be involved and for everyone to get to know others better.
Entering a float in the Osoyoos – Canada Day parade was supported by a grant from the Community Foundation South Okanagan Similkameen and their Neighbourhood Small Grant program. Borrowing a Fire Dept. truck, we decorated it to show the diversity of activities on the mountain. Other participants dressed up in Canada Day colours and walked alongside handing out candy to the kids.
Various residents from our community participated at different times from our initial meeting until the ‘after party’ hosted by one of the organizers. There was community engagement in decorating or walking with the float in the parade which was attended by thousands of Osoyoos residents and visitors. We even won the Best Community Organization Award, taking away the ribbon for 2018. Thanks Community Foundation for your support.

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