We are so proud of our beautiful mural acknowledging our community’s gratitude to the dedicated volunteers, past and present, serving on our Anarchist Mountain Fire Department.

We started by collecting design ideas for the firehall seacan container from over 60 residents who attended the annual community summer BBQ. A small design committee, including the current fire chief, discussed the ideas that were submitted and agreed on the theme and artistic style for the mural. No one who volunteered for the project had ever painted a mural. Serendipitously, our project leader happened to see a muralist in action in Osoyoos. He generously mentored our mural committee on painting techniques. One of the committee members displayed her amazing, hidden artistic talent when she transformed the community’s foremost suggestions for images of local wildlife and fire fighting into a strikingly beautiful mural design.

The committee was surprised when the recommended method for applying the design to the sea can was successful. We met after dark and projected the mural image from a laptop onto the sea can which we then traced. We decided to paint the images as silhouettes as fine detail was difficult with the uneven surface of the sea can. The weather cooperated and the mural was completed over a couple of weeks. The local Home Hardware provided a generous discount on the paint and painting supplies.

We were thrilled when the mural was unveiled and enthusiastically admired at the AMFD 20th Anniversary celebration in October. There is now a permanent display of art on our mountain for all to enjoy.
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