On Saturday September 8th, Neighbours held a pot luck BBQ in the alley behind their houses.
With about 35 participants in all, the whole event ran from 4pm until shortly after 11pm.  One of the neighbors brought a fire pit so once the sun went down; they gathered their chairs around the fire and conversed. 
“One of my highlights was the new neighbors who came out.  We have had about 4 or 5 houses turn over in the past year and two of those households joined us at our gathering this year.  This has been an annual event since the neighborhood was developed and 2018 was the eleventh year.  Some of those in attendance haven’t missed one year yet!”
The kids played ball hockey, basketball and fooled around with a few dogs while the adults caught up on each other’s lives.  The rain swept through a couple times throughout the event, but luckily not heavily. We ended up being reminded how much we like and value each other and vowed that we have to do this more than once per year!

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