This project was purely based on bringing a specific group of people together and to be able to connected in a deeper manor. Each year comes basketball season; starts roughly December 10th and finishes in middle of March. Throughout this period of 4 months the school comes together to put forward 6 different teams, 3 boy teams and 3 girl teams, which split up into ages, Bantam, Junior and Senior. As each individual shares common interest being the sport of basketball most would think this would bring all 6 of these teams together. unfortunately its the opposite; teams practice at all different times, travel to different place and spend little to zero time interacting. Having the opportunity to receive such an amazing grant has given myself the ability and voice to change this. Myself being very passionate about the sport of basketball felt it was only right to create a year end wind up bringing everyone together. So I did what anyone would do and reached out to each and every individual that participated in GSS Basketball in 2021/2022 season to come together on Wednesday July 13 at the Mount 7 rec center for Games, Pizza, and some friendly interactions. With huge surprise I had enormous amount of support from all. With the exception of some unable to attend, there were roughly 40-50 people that were able to participate. The event started at 2pm and ended at 7pm which gave many plenty time to come together and connect deeper. The event ran smoothly, games were played, pizza was eaten and laughs were shared!!! unfortunately there was a power outage inside of the venue at 6pm which forced us to leave early; everyone switched from indoor shoes to outdoor shoes and the fun continued tell 7pm at the outdoor basketball courts. With great success I'm able to walk away knowing how important it is for people to interact and come together despite the circumstances. Although I may have faced some challenges as being so young and never hosting an event it gave me great pride and joy to see smiles on each and every persons face. Big thank you to NSG for allowing me to put this together. PS took lots of video only one photo due to power outage unable to grab a big group photo
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