Beautify Marble Hill Park Project
The project was to bring together the Marble Hill neighbourhood for upgrading and beautifying the local neighbourhood park, and creating more ownership over a public space.  The park was being neglected and it was making our neighbourhood not seem taken care of. We planned a work day and invited all the neighbours around the park by flyer deliver.  We worked together with the municipality to have a picnic table purchased (by the municipality) and more doggie bag containers placed there.  We invited neighbours of all ages to come to a work day and lunch celebration.  People brought their wheelbarrows, shovels, and a sense of pride over the local public space.  Together we were able to get playground friendly bark mulch donated from a local company to refurbish the park playground.  About 25 people showed up to participate even though the day was the wettest on record.  The Marble Hill neighbourhood developed a sense of pride in their accomplishment, and all got to know each other better.  The local MLA and community developer from the City came out to meet the neighbours who volunteered.
At the barbeque, many people said that we need to get together as neighbours more often, and all were in agreement that we could do other projects in the future. 

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