The Bees on the Drive event occurred on May 4th of 2013. The project leaders had the following to say: “Everyone arrived with their own personal story of what had brought them to be interested in bees and beekeeping. Many people have gardens, know other beekeepers, are concerned for the health and wellness of the bees or want to start a small business.
Together we learned and connected around the Golden Mean top bar beehive, how to build it from scratch using only the plans and raw lumber. We also shared stories about our experience with bees and any innovative local projects happening around the area.
It turns out that people are very excited and receptive about bees in the urban environment, which I think has taken many people by pleasant surprise. We all sanded the pieces down and assembled them into shape and talked about the challenges and tips for improving their construction the next time. The highlight of the event was meeting and connecting with people about their interest in bees and realizing that there are lots of other people keeping bees in the neighborhood. It was a wonderful day, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to share this with others and with the bees!

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