Candy Chang is a Taiwanese-American artist who lives and works in New Orleans. Her work defies traditional understandings of public space, and she believes that public art can provoke both individual self-examination and civic engagement. She has created public art all over the world from New Orleans to Johannesburg to Hong Kong. Her ‘Before I Die’ project began when she painted a deserted New Orleans home with chalkboard paint and wrote, “Before I die I want to __________.” Soon others filled in the sentences, and photos of the wall went viral. Today, there are more than 500 ‘Before I Die’ walls in over 30 languages and 60 countries. Candy Chang encourages people all over the world to put up the wall, to encourage and invite communication and conversation in your community. The wall is a giant chalk board with the statement written on it – “Before I Die I Want To ______________________________________”.
In New Westminster we have selected the Pier Park to put up a chalk board, everyone is invited to write your own dreams, ideas or desires, either the rain washes away the writing or a chalkboard brush can be used.

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