The project proved to be a true Blessing to passersby and the community. Participants shopped, supplied and supported each other locally during this pandemic. Here anyone passing by can take or leave an item, giving and receiving a blessing, hopefully pausing for a recharge in the adjacent garden. Due to its outside installation, the project at all times accommodated self-isolation and other public health requirements of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Box’s purpose is to invite placement and exchange of donation items. Items included fresh and washed (with note to wash again) produce grown in church’s community garden and elsewhere, plants, groceries, toiletries, canned foods, seeds and flower bundles.

  • Activities for project operation consisted of design, construction, decoration and installation of the Blessing Box with engagement and participation by the community.
  • Procurement of items for the box were done via awareness creation in the Church newsletter, Facebook, press releases, in private networks and other social media. North Island Community College and the Vancouver Foundation were acknowledged by displaying appropriate logos on any promotional materials.
  • Kitchen pantry items are moved to the Blessing Box as needed. The maintenance plan includes regular checkup to ensure condition of items.
  • The project was completed between May , 2021 and August 1 2021, yet is continuing after the allocated project time. It is likely that the project will propel itself year round after this initial start up.

Unforeseen Bonuses:

  • The colour orange featured prominently in the flower bouquets placed in the Box, as well as in the adjacent garden – to honour lost lives of children who died while attending Residential Schools.
  • Someone installed a feature with 250 orange ribbons on grass nearby, thus giving the whole area a blessing. One morning an Eagle feather appeared in the box. In local Kwakiutl culture Eagle feathers are used in a display of respect and courage.
  • The kind Church Warden, who installed the Box, also afterwards installed beautiful flower vase holders on either side.
  • Loaves and Fishes facilitator generously added items during deliveries at the church.
  • A poster was designed to circulate in local social media and private networks.

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