Blockwatch Sunset # 18 were fortunate to receive $500  from the Vancouver Foundation  Neighbourhood Small Grant. With this grant, we held our Summer BBQ, a sunflower-growing
Competition and an End of Summer Pizza Night and Sunflower Contest Award night.
Sunflower seeds were distributed in April 2016 to those wishing to take part in the competition.
The annual Blockwatch BBQ was held on June 26 at a Co-Captain’s  backyard. About 60 neighbours and friends attended the event. Those attending supplemented the provided hamburgers and hotdogs with an assortment of salads, Thai, Indian and Chinese food plus desserts and fruit. Games were held for children and adults.
The fire truck arrived, as requested, and the firefighters explained the equipment to the youngsters who were allowed to climb aboard. After they returned to the Station, Cst. Dave Krenz arrived and kept us all entertained with Q&A session about home and road safety.
He also handed out balloons, safety lights , stickers, etc.
We all agreed that this was another successful BBQ giving us the opportunity to reacquaint
ourselves with our neighbours.
The End of Summer Pizza Night was held in the Basement of the Martin Luther Church at
505 E 46th Ave. Thirty-five neighbours, ranging in age of 1 to 90, attended. Pastor Manfred Schmidt was also able to join us. Games were held and prizes awarded for the tallest sunflowers and largest flower. The top three plants were  308cms, 240cms and 238cms in height. The biggest flowers were 38cms, 35cms and 34cms. We had 15 participants. All were eager to hold the contest again next year. A request was made to add a pumpkin-growing contest as well  .
Thank you to the Vancouver Foundation for allowing us to hold these events that help keep our neighbourhood vibrant.
Ursi Graf, captain
Hiroko King, co-captain

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