It went pretty smoothly! I started to plan months in advance to figure out the ideal weeks/months to run the sessions and decided on mid-Oct to mid-Nov, due to the dreary weather. I wanted the dance class to be a bright spot in the participants’ day! As well, this timing coincided with Diwali, which is an Indian holiday, so the timing was perfect! Many of the participants had never heard of Bollywood dance before, so I was happy to tell them about it and teach them some authentic moves. They really enjoyed the music! It was difficult to advertise initially, as the community centre leaders were a bit hard to reach and not necessarily receptive to advertising, but other individuals in the community were happy to spread the word! It was a bit challenging to figure out lighting for the online dance sessions as I appeared as a shadow because of the time of day that I was dancing, initially, but after switching my position in the room, the sessions ran fine! I learned that a variety of advertising is key – social media and otherwise!
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