On a sunny, bright Fall day (Thursday, September 22nd) we held a community BBQ for the Brighouse neighbourhood from 3 to 5 pm. Our hope was for people to meet each other and get to know their neighbours and other community members. We believe having a sense of belonging to the community and having a strong sense of community for Brighouse residents were both strengthened by this community event.
There were hot dogs, veggie dogs, watermelon, veggies, drinks and endless popcorn. While we originally hoped to have 150 participants, the event drew approximately 400 people. We were glad we stretched the budget by getting community donations for coffee, the grill and the popcorn machine plus cash donations. We appreciate the support of Brighouse Elementary School as well. With the Neighbourhood Small Grant, community donations and support, we had enough food for everyone.
In addition to the food, there were games, limbo and a parachute lift which the kids enjoyed while the adults visited and socialized. It was great to meet so many new people. Where there were potential language barriers, the smiles in place needed no translation.
We put the word out that we needed volunteers to help, and many people gave very generously of their time. We were very appreciative of the help. Being a volunteer is a great way to feel like one belongs to the community. The BBQ gave us a forum to introduce people to other ways that they could be involved in the community as well.
We hope the great sense of community that was evident at the Brighouse Community BBQ will continue to grow. We have had very positive feedback and requests for more community BBQ events. Thanks for the financial support to make it happen.

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