We started with putting three heads together to design our vegetable garden, we wanted it to be up off the ground so young and old would be able to garden. We then continued with building and planting.
We then invited the members of our community to come out and help to grow the veggies to be shared at our Summer BBQ, there was a lot of interest and many came out to help.
We had a very successful garden we shared some of the veggies with our community prior to the BBQ
With this grant, we were able to get more people involved in preparing for our BBQ, we had the BBQ and met with our community lots of new people where there to enjoy in the sharing.  It was a very successful event many people commented on how nice it was to meet their neighbours who they see in the hallway.   New friendships we made and lots of catching up with others, because of this community event.
Thank you so much for this grant the garden and the BBQ will carry on into the future.

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