On Sun. Jul. 11th, 2021, a mother and daughter team hosted an Everybody’s Birthday Drive Through Party for the neighbours of Burton Ave. Originally, the Birthday Party was proposed to take place as an online Zoom party, with birthday party packages delivered to each household and neighbours logging in to participate. However, with the lifting of restrictions for outdoor gatherings on July 1st, 2021, face to face interactions were made possible!

Electronic invitations were sent to neighbours on the Burton Ave Directory, which was put together during the 2019 NSG (Neighbourhood Small Grant) garden project and later updated during the 2020 NSG newsletter project. Participants were asked to RSVP with the month of their birthday in order to compile a giant monthly birthday poster. Participants were also asked to send in the number of children in their household so that the organizers could put together fun children party bags, which consisted of personalized birthday cards, birthday hats, bubbles, socks, fruit bars, age-appropriate craft kits, stationery, and toys.

On the day of Everybody’s Birthday Party, 11 households joined (socially distanced and safely) together to celebrate the birthdays of everyone. Households warmly greeted each other and a sense of belonging, and joy surrounded everyone. Neighbours chatted openly, conversing in both English and Cantonese, and enjoyed reading the giant monthly birthday poster on display. Each household received a party bag consisting of a potted succulent (which were donated by a neighbour), birthday candles, hand creams, and a 6 pack of cupcakes baked fresh from the local Seafair Safeway. Individually wrapped popsicles were served and hand sanitizer and wipes were on site. The children felt very special, each receiving their own party bag, and the young toddlers were especially excited to play with bubbles and to see the other children of the neighbourhood. The children also enjoyed looking for their names written, in sidewalk chalk, throughout the cul-de-sac.

After the event, an updated directory of contact information was emailed out, along with household/family photos that were captured during the party to the individual participants.
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