We applied for a grant to clean up and beautify our block. My goal was to do brush cutting, weed eating, garbage pickup and to provide some flower baskets.

We completed our project on May 16th and we were happy to have 3 helpers. We rented a brushcutter, a utility trailer and provided cold drinks, garbage bags and weed eaters. We cleaned up both sides of the alley, and one side of the frontage of our block. Looks so much better and all the neighbors were thrilled! We removed and dumped all the garbage and brush.

With the help of one of our local businesses, Purity Feeds, I was able to purchase for a reduced rate, 8 gorgeous hanging baskets to hand out to the residents. A couple of the ladies were so happy and surprised they almost cried!

I feel that this was a success in terms of short term beautification but I am hoping that it will also inspire people to continue to think tidy and green!

I am very grateful to the Neighborhood Small Grants program for this opportunity to make a difference in my community!

Valerie McDonald
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