The project was a great success. I initially called the project ‘Poetry in the Pak’ and had to revise it based on health restrictions. The care packages were delivered to seniors living in Richmond right before Christmas. I was able to make 20 care packages for seniors. The planning part involved talking to friends about desirable items that seniors may want in their care packages. It was difficult to customize each package due to the number of baskets required and the budget. It was more economical to purchase items in bulk.
The challenge of making it a personable and memorable experience, as face to face contact was very brief and the original thought was for seniors to connect with each other as well, was overcome by writing personalized holiday cards for each person. My school-age daughters were involved in writing the cards and putting the gift packages together. We also made candles together for the seniors.
I opted to recruit seniors through word of mouth and this was a meaningful and fun exercise. Friends had neighbors that they also thought about it. Even though there were physical contact limitations, it was still an impactful experience of community coming together. I learned that a lot of seniors were dealing with different issues and that it was the right time to offer something small to them so that they feel valued and cared for in their own communities.
For example, someone thought of their neighbor who recently lost her husband and I hope that receiving a care package was a small gesture that helped her get through the holiday season.
I learned from the project how critical it is to reach out and how many people think of others and how fun it is to connect and build community, even if for a brief period. The expression of gratitude from seniors was beautiful to witness. I hope to build upon the connections further.

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