The project’s goal was to give Carihi students an opportunity to be connected to their school and like-minded peers passionate about volunteering. This was a fun way to re-introduce students to the club and opportunities available through it, by means of a tasty beach fire picnic!

The club was prepared to host 11-20 people, and we ended up having a total of 15 students (from Carihi, Timberline, and
Phoenix), parents, and Rotarians attend! Incoming Phoenix students were introduced to the aims of the Club, and a Rotarian visited and spoke to us about an opportunity to volunteer abroad. We also talked with a past Club president about initiatives that could be taken on next year.

With money from the grant, we were able to provide hot dogs, s’mores supplies, countless snacks, coolers, and sticks for roasting food over the fire. This event was made possible by a generous $500 grant from Neighbourhood Small Grants.

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