This project was a great one to undertake during the pandemic because it brought small groups of people together safely outdoors for a community project, for socializing and for exercise! I organized a series work days where we focused on maintenance of a well-loved community trail though ivy management. The intention was to involve members of the community in a project that would help to connect people to the places where we live and help to restore this area. Another important focus was to bring awareness of invasive species, their impact on the environment and alternatives to invasive plants. We focused most of our work on removing invasive ivy that was creeping up mature trees and starting to encroach on the trail. We also did some re-planting in the area to foster the growth of local native plants. The volunteers were happy to be gifted native plants as part of this grant as thank you for their service and to also help increase native plantings in our city. I partnered with the City of Richmond for most of the tools that were needed, as well as logistical issues (disposing of the plant material).
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