In the summer of 2021, my mother and I made lunches for all the residents and staff at the Richmond Modular Housing. We individually packed and delivered 45 lunches biweekly – in total we delivered about 270 meals! As the residents only receive one meal a day, we wanted to make their lives a little easier. Especially in this Covid season where life could feel uncertain and lonely, we hoped these meals would make the residents feel loved and cared for.

Sometimes when we dropped off the meals there would be a few residents outside and they were always so excited and grateful. We were able to have a few conversations with them and they started to recognize us as the weeks went on. It was very encouraging to hear from the staff that there were never any leftovers and that they all looked forward to receiving the lunches.

We made sandwiches, raps or croissants as the main meal and always added a few treats like cookies, chips or fruits. One day we made an extra special poke style meal and we heard that the residents absolutely loved it.

As this project included food prep, my mother and I had to take a Food Safe course. We both learned a lot and are glad that we took the course as it is very useful for future projects and cooking at home as well.

I learned a lot about the joy of serving others and realized how blessed I am in my life. I hope that I can continue building this relationship with the residents.
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