Our project, Celebrating Canada and Northlands History took place on Sunday June 25, 2017. Our red and white theme was embraced by the majority of families and guests in attendance. Our 42+ participants ranged in ages from 6 months to 85+. The food was immensely enjoyed and was topped off by red and white decorated cookies and cupcakes. We decorated the site with red and white balloons, tablecloths, poster boards of Northlands history, a poster board featuring key facts about Canada including population figures, employment figures, First Nations data, info on our abundant water sources, fun facts like Canadians are the second happiest people in the world. We received a gift of Turkish Baklava from one of our residents that was acknowledged and enjoyed. With food and stories, we recognized the diversity in our community and our country. With the influx of new families with children, we featured fun activities like the Bouncing castle and a water play station. The water area was most appreciated because the weather was hot. As well, we had chalk available for kids and adults to draw with. Lots of connecting with families occurred throughout the event. Donation of tables from Everything Wine was provided to hold food and water. Most residents brought food to shared food with others at the event. New residents were welcomed! This event was lots of fun and very successful!!!

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